He Thought This Grandmother Was an Easy Target. She Scared Him Away Thanks To This Device.

Violent crime is rising against seniors and women, and authorities are urging residents to carry a simple new safety device that can thwart even the most vicious of attackers.

It was supposed to be a normal day of shopping for 76-year-old Donna Mason, but instead, her shopping trip took a terrifying turn.

"I was walking to my car, which was parked pretty close to the store" she remembers, "but I had an odd feeling – like I was being watched.”

Her instincts were spot on – she was being watched. And targeted. In the middle of the day, no less.

Right when she was unlocking her car, a man came up behind her and tried to grab her.

"He told me ‘just give me your purse and I won’t hurt you!' and he reached for my purse. I was terrified, but I guess my instincts took over, and I yelled and pulled the pin on my alarm”

"The SafeAlarm immediately went off, with the loudest alarm ever. I mean, it was SUPER LOUD. It must have surprised him, because he stumbled backwards and ran like hell. Then other people who heard the alarm ran over to see what the commotion was.”

Donna was lucky. She was carrying a small personal alarm that might have saved her life. But not everyone is as lucky.

There has been a dramatic increase in attacks, especially against seniors. And as the economy worsens, criminals are getting more and more brazen. Remember, Donna was attacked close to the store, in broad daylight.

"The trend is both clear and troubling – violent crime is rising, especially against our most vulnerable citizens, like seniors. Authorities recommend that everyone carry a small personal alarm that can draw attention and scare attackers"

Donna had been given a SafeAlarm by her daughter about a month before. She carried it on her purse, but didn’t think she’d ever need to use it.

“Since my daughter bought it for me, I figured I’d carry it, even though I never thought I’d need it. I am so thankful I had this little alarm. I’m 76, and have never been a crime victim, so when it happens to you, it’s almost a feeling of disbelief.”

"After my attack, I bought 6 SafeAlarms for my friends at the senior center. Because now I know how easy you can be targeted, even in a crowded parking lot in daytime” .

What Is A SafeAlarm?

Imagine a tiny alarm that’s super simple to use, and has the loudest sound ever. That’s the SafeAlarm.

It’s a personal alarm that has a piercing 120db sound, and is activated simply by pulling a pin. It scares attackers and attracts volumes of attention.

By the way, how loud is 120DB? It’s like a military jet taking off. LOUD.

The design is really good too. Instead of a button that can accidentally be pressed, SafeAlarm uses a pull-pin. So it’s easy to use, but won’t go off by accident. And once it’s pulled, it immediately emits its 120db siren, and will continue to shriek for 30 minutes, or until the pin is put back.

Better still, it can be used again and again.

SafeAlarm Was Born From Tragedy

Mark Adams, the inventor of SafeAlarm, says the idea for the product came after hearing about a recent attempted kidnapping in his hometown of San Diego.

“I was watching the news, and saw where a child was almost kidnapped in a Costco parking lot, during the middle of the day” said Adams.

“Fortunately, this particular kidnapping failed because the father was alert and made a big commotion. But it really hit home for me because it was right down the road, and my own daughter is 13 and is just starting to hang out with friends without adults being around. I could not imagine how I would feel if she was kidnapped.”

He couldn’t get the story out of his mind, so he did some research. He found that thousands of children go missing every year, many of which are never found again.

But he also found that noise is the #1 deterrent to attempted kidnappings and violent crime.

"Authorities say successful kidnappings happen when they can keep the victim from making noise, which is easy to do if someone strong covers their mouth. So making noise some other way is crucial to someone’s safety.”

Mark knew what he wanted. “I had two goals - to make a small device that was easy to use, and to make it as loud as possible.”

The best part about SafeAlarm is it can be carried and used by anyone, and is useful in almost any dangerous situation.

Mark explains "Obviously, it’s great for parents to give to their kids to prevent strangers from harming or even abducting them. But it’s also great for women, seniors… anyone. Hey, I carry one myself now.”

Mark has been thanked by people who have used SafeAlarm to prevent a tragedy. “I like hearing that” he says, “but I also wish I came up with this earlier. Maybe some of these missing kids that I read about wouldn’t be missing.”

Authorities Recommend Safe Alarm

Authorities have been wholeheartedly behind SafeAlarm since its introduction, spurring its popularity and leading to the device selling out repeatedly.

It's also racked up thousands of five-star reviews:

I first learned about SafeAlarm for this story when I attended a Moms Against Violence conference, where Mark was giving a demo. He told us to cover our ears, and he wasn’t kidding. He pulled the pin and the alarm SHRIEKED. It totally filled the conference hall. I’m sure you could hear this thing several football fields away.

To our ear’s relief, he reinserted the pin, shutting the alarm off.

I caught up with Mark later, and told him my interest in writing a story about SafeAlarm. He welcomed the publicity, and gave me one as a gift.

The SafeAlarm felt really good in my hand – solid and sturdy. The pin was easy to pull, but not easy enough that you could do it by accident. It’s also very easy to pull under stress – the design is very intuitive.

The battery lasts forever (Mark says you could pull the pin 100 times and the battery would still last.) That’s great.

Ok, How Much Does It Cost?

The SafeAlarm is currently In Stock and sold online for $79.90, which gets you TWO SafeAlarms. It's a ridiculously good deal at that price.


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The company reached out to me when he heard this story was live, and wanted to offer readers a great deal. They are sincerely interested in getting a SafeAlarm into as many hands as possible. They have sold more than 1.5 million units so far, so make sure you get yours now.

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I bought these for my daughters and granddaughters! I am so pleased with this device and will feel a little less anxious when they are out and about. This little device has a very loud alarm! Surprisingly Loud! I am going to purchase more for more family members!
This is a lightweight, very effective safety alarm. It is easy to use- just pull the pin and there is a piercing noise. It can be carried on a key ring or fits easily into pocket. Lightweight to carry!
The alarm is VERY LOUD and I think that is the whole point is to be able to 1. startle an assailant 2. draw attention to you/your location when you need it. If you're going to test the alarm I suggest doing it outside and away from kids and pets, because (once again) this alarm is VERY LOUD. (YAY!)
Gave one to each of my nieces, my daughter and her roommate and my son's girlfriend. Its an attractive item and the flashlight is handy (I know you have same on phone - but this can hang right off your backpack or purse. I tested it and it is loud. I think it will deter someone. Not something easy to test, but its easy to carry and I think its much better than pepper spray or weapons.
I love these alarms. I bought 5 then ordered 5 more. I gave them as gifts to my friends and family. This brand is really loud. Size is nice and small. I wear mine on my jacket zipper when I go hiking. You could hook them to your purse, put it in your car, wear them on your jeans or jacket. I just feel safer wearing one. I may order 5 more.
Safe personal alarm for sure. These are super loud and would be very effective if needed. They make me feel safer to walk at night with my family and our family hikes if we get separated. Great value too.
These little devices are wonderful gifts and stocking stuffers. I purchased the set of 5 and need to get more. I've been giving them out to my female friends and they were amazed how something so small and cute could potentially save someones life. I carry one in the mornings while it is still dark out when I walk my dogs.